DesignDC™ is a manufacturer direct wholesaler of hardwood, LVT, tile and vanities & cabinets, specializing in large projects in the multi-family residential, long-term healthcare, higher education and hospitality markets.
Our project specific proposals provide an average savings of 25-35% and
are guaranteed for pricing, quantity and delivery.

Products and Services


We source the highest quality hardwood, LVT, tile and vanities & cabinets from leading manufacturers in the USA, Canada, and Turkey. Worldwide sourcing provides our clients a vast and diverse selection of styles, colors and product options. Our special relationship with each manufacturer ensures exceptional attention and priority to DesignDC client orders and schedule demands.


DesignDC certifies total price of proposal will not change, quantity is sufficient to complete the project, and products will arrive at our warehouse within 180 days of purchase order, or are otherwise provided free of charge.


DesignDC’s dedication to maximized savings and minimized risk is principled on 30 years of experience as a large project flooring contractor in the DMV area. Each proposal is based on project drawings and includes unit pricing, quantity, sales tax, delivery and storage of products at DesignDC until shipped to the installer.