DESIGNDC's mission is to deliver the highest level of service while protecting our clients from costly risks associated with the typical approach to product selection and purchase. DESIGNDC provides its clients full control of the procurement process with our unique combination of services not provided by any other supplier in the market.

Risk Management with Total Control


DESIGNDC prices all its products based on bulk, factory direct purchases only. Our clients are not only recipients of maximum costs saving but are ensured the price quoted is the price paid. Other suppliers typically provide a budget unit price for their products, with no guarantee the price quoted will be the same at bid time.

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Budget Control

DESIGNDC clients are in total control of the budget decisions necessary for their projects. Our "Guaranteed Proposal" provides an exact price based on estimation of the project drawings and specifications.Each proposal consists of detailed product information, unit cost and quantity for each material selected. We are so confident of our estimation that materials are provided Free of Charge in case of an error. Other suppliers quote unit prices that do not translate to a budget price and do not guarantee their overall pricing as they do not estimate the project.

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Detail Oriented

DESIGNDC protects its clients by providing detailed submittals before any order is placed. Our shop drawings deliver detailed floor and wall elevations with start/stop points and layout. This ensures our clients capture any missing details and/or layout changes prior to start of work. Moreover, they can be used by our client's GC/Subcontractor for further verification of quantities estimated. Sample submittals, including product data, are also provided for confirmation of each product color and size, eliminating the risk of the incorrect material being ordered. Typical suppliers are not capable for providing detailed shops including elevation details.

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Timely Delivery

DESIGNDC clients are ensured materials are on hand and on time for their projects. Using the project schedule, DESIGNDC receives all materials one quarter before start of work. All materials are stored at our facility in Northern Virginia with a total capacity in excess of 2M SF. Most suppliers are not focused on the project schedule and the importance of having materials on hand and on time, or are capable of self storing orders.

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Start to Finish

DESIGNDC clients will be scheduled for a final review of products received against the approved submittals. Upon their confirmation, DESIGNDC will deliver the entire order to the clients GC/Subcontractor anywhere in the DMV area. Other suppliers ship direct from the factory, with no mechanism to confirm what was ordered is actually what is being delivered

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Pickup Services

DESIGNDC understand our clients on occasion have a need for their materials to be stored and picked up as needed. In those instances, DESIGNDC can provide storage and pickup services at our facility for the duration of their project. DESIGNDC will directly coordinate with our client’s Subcontractor and/or General Contractor for pickup of materials on “as needed” basis. Our logistic department will schedule and track all materials ensuring materials purchased are secured until the end. This is an add on service which can be elected as an alternate to our client’s material purchase.

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